Manchester City defeated ‘ Atletico ‘ before 1-0

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, has warned his followers before the Champions League quarter-final visit to Atletico Madrid next week not to keep their emotions in check from provocative balls, tricks and Competitor’s Dark Arts because he must have come in a full

Manchester City defeated ‘ Atletico ‘ before 1-0 yesterday, it’s true, but the picture of the game is uncomfortable . What’s more, he was taunted for the entire 90 minutes . One of the standout shots was when Jack Grealish was already hook and Angel Correira kicked the ball at the visiting ufabet team.  

Of course, a yellow card from the referee But it created dissatisfaction with Grealish, who would bring trouble , Pep came down to ban the army and cursed at the plaintiff on behalf of his subordinates saying – Are you crazy to play like this ?

After the game, the 51 -year -old coach reminded the team that ‘ The Blues ‘ that Atletico play a habit of tricks. Therefore, a visit to Wanda Metropolitano There must be a lot of tolerance.  

“ We have to keep our emotions in check. Do what should be done. There’s a referee on duty there, ” Guardiola said after the game.  

“ Atletico has been tricky through knockout rounds on several occasions. And it will be a good test for us how mature we are. ” 

“ Race of competitors is not a concern. There is a referee on the field. It wasn’t my job – at that moment , Jack reacted well, tried to concentrate . Which is what we need to do. ” 

‘ Bear Brand ‘ comes to play real gangster football because the yellow card record (3 cards ) is still more than the chance to score (0 times ).